The idea to build the “Walk on the Favela” hostel started when Ari Galo, a renowned teacher of jiu jitsu and black belt under the the legendary master Carlson Gracie, realized that a lots of athletes came to Rio de Janeiro to train, compete or visit the city, did not have a decent place to stay.

    That was when he asked himself this simple question: why not build a place in the heart of Copacabana, where athletes and visitors could eat, train and sleep for a fair price and in a family enviroment?

Ari Galo begun to work with all his heart and effort into the project that would become the greatest meeting point for fighters around the world, in Rio de Janeiro.



    Here, athletes from anywhere on the planet, of any team, sport or gym, will find inside the most glamorous location of Rio de Janeiro, a modern and comfortable environment, with all they need during their stay in the wonderful city.


    After a while, the local entrepreneurs realized that Copacabana was lacking an option of hostel with quality and fair price, within the country’s most famous neighborhood. So it was decided that the tourists, whether athletes or not, would also have here, a safe and enjoyable destination.